We are spiritual beings on a physical course in this world. Along the way we have transitions, all of them spiritual realities. Some are times of incredible joy – such as the uniting of two persons in loving marriage, the blessing of a new home, or the blessing of a child to this world. Others are times of mourning and sadness such as the loss of a loved one.


I am available if you find yourself in need of a minister or officiant for funerals, memorial services, blessings on beginnings or endings, or any other time you wish to celebrate a transition as a sacred event. For more information about those services, please visit SacredSpaceSacredTime.com. To get to know me better you may also like to read my blog.  He also recently published a book called Candlelight & Blessings

Prompted by a desire to be closer to nature, find a deeper spiritual peace, and find the connection that unites all life, our family moved to Whidbey Island in 2010. Since then, the community of Whidbey Island and the Pacific Northwest has become home, and I am delighted to offer my services to you and your family.

Meet Rev. Dave


As an ordained minister in a progressive Christian tradition, I have studied extensively many spiritual paths which, I believe, all lead to one reality, which is Love. I am comfortable with secular ceremonies, as well as incorporating components from various traditions such as Jewish, Buddhist, or Pagan into your ceremony.