Frequently Asked Questions


What types of ceremonies do you perform?

I have performed ceremonies of all types. Small and large. Inside and outside. Religious and secular. I have had ceremonies that included dogs and children. I have incorporated various family members. I have had weddings on beaches, in mountains, and in churches. I have performed ceremonies that incorporated Christian, Buddhist, Pagan, and Jewish elements as well as completely secular components. The most important thing about your wedding is that it is yours and that you are happy.


May we write our own vows?

Absolutely! I am happy to help with this, but I love the idea. The only thing I ask is that they are actually written. Let’s talk!


Can you provide a list of traditional vows?

Yes. I have a list of vows and readings that you can choose from.


May we select readings? Do they need to be religious?

I have plenty of readings to choose from, some of them religious and some of them secular. I can help you find unique readings and design a ceremony that reflects you and your relationship.


What will you wear to the ceremony?

We will discuss options of what I will wear. Again this is your ceremony, and I want you to feel comfortable. I have worn shorts and a Hawaiian shirt on the beach, and I can wear my full liturgical wear with robe and stole, or anything in between.


Where will the ceremony take place?

I will work with you wherever you would like to have your wedding; we will make it happen!


Do you require premarital counseling?

I do not require premarital counseling, but I do request that we meet at least once to get to know each other and plan your ceremony. I would like to hear how you found each other and why you have decided to take this important step.


What is the process for getting a marriage license?

Check with the county where you are getting the license. Please realize that most counties have a waiting period before we can perform the wedding. 

Is a rehearsal necessary?

Generally, I say that a rehearsal is necessary for any weddings that have more than 5 people involved. It just makes things move more smoothly for you on your special day.


What is your fee and what does it include?

My fee ranges from $100 for simple signing ceremonies with fewer than 10 people to $300 for full blown weddings.  Cost depends on the size of the wedding and amount of planning involved. The fee includes a consultation, rehearsal (if necessary), and the ceremony. I am happy to work with you if there is difficulty with the amount. And of course you are always welcome to pay me more if you feel I earned it!


We want you to perform our ceremony for us. What happens next?

Great! Let’s meet soon! Contact me at